Terms of use for www.futura68.com

The content of this website is primarily intended for informing website visitors about our services. The owner of the website is committed to ensure that all information on the website are correct, reliable and useful. The owner is however not responsible for any possible typos in the text. The owner reserves the right to change the extent of services provided at any time and without advance notice.

Personal/user data

The information provided via the website will be used exclusively to prepare quotes and to provide information about the services as well as for internal statistics about website activity. Your personal data will not be forwarded to third parties, either legal or natural persons. At any time, you have the right to demand a correction in your personal data or to recall the permission to use your personal data. The website administrator does not take any responsibility for any user provided data.

Copyright and intellectual property

The website format and all it's content is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. All information, texts or graphical elements found on this website can only be used for non-commercial use and for viewing purposes only. The content may not be partially or fully copied, distributed, reproduced, changed, licensed or published in any way or for any purpose without explicit permission.

Prohibition of use for photos published on the website

The owner of the website explicitly prohibits the use, copying, distribution or reproduction of photos published on the website www.fijavz.com for any purpose. For any and all additional information, please contact us at info@futura68.com


All trademarks, logos and service trademarks shown on this website are the sole property of Futura 68 d.o.o. Their use, permanent transfer to a private data source, copying or distribution without a written consent or the owner is prohibited.

Limitation of liability

The website administrator explicitly denies responsibility for any direct, indirect, accidental, causal or any other kind of damage, resulting as a consequence or connected in any other kind of way to the use of the administrators website, including any losses or damages caused by computer viruses or by relying on the information, acquired through the administrators website. The administrator also does not take any responsibility for occasional downtimes of the website.

Updates and changes to the terms of use

The website administrator reserves the right to change the general terms without any advance notice. All changes are applicable at the moment they are published.

Last update: Junij 2015